Game Development

Well I kept trying to figure out the best way to develop the game ideas floating around in my head… and there are a great number of them. I wrote out most of them more as a way to document the idea and flush it out futher and further but found it lacking to describe the settings, game play and non-linear character development. On the other side of the coin i lacked the technical ability at the moment to build a game from scratch and the one builder I became accustomed to (Skyrim Creation Kit) was well built and is a fantastic tool, but limited my ability to compose a new game, allowing me to only build addons to Skyrim. I ultimately settled on a game Engine to work with Unity, and I began working with the tools of the trade to develop some base structures and game play.

As I am still not at the level to impliment all of the game play of my design into the game i will be relying on my written component to accent that of the developed game play to explain the story, and build a proof of concept for each of the games, in hopws of finding someone interested in the project and wanting to work to develop it to that next stage.

I have started out on 3 different games that you will all start to see posted and developed over the coming weeks. I will be working to develop each project to what I would call a proof of concept, in essence something tangable that I could use to present a concept to a development team or to sell of for further development.

I am doing this as I enjoy the though process of how the game would work, what would keep me entertained and captivated by the game, to ultimaely see it developed would be a fantastic end to each of these journeys. If I get some credit and some coin from any of these projects than all the better.

I hope that I will have something on here for everyone to enjoy and I will always welcome custructive feedback to the games or the design process. This is something I hope you will all enjoy as much as I do.


Brian McBride
Tiki-1 Studio